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shipping. The process of transporting an item, usually through the mail. Shipping is a very basic, common way of getting an item from one place to another, or from one person to another.


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Courier delivery

courier. An individual responsible for the exchange of items between two or more parties. Couriers are usually employed by a company that charges a flat rate to the party using the courier service.


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B2B Exchange

The B2B industry caters strictly to shipping items to other businesses, and that usually means shipping in bulk supply. That’s because businesses usually buy products in advance so they don’t have to buy items on a daily basis.


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Logistics is the planning framework used by the management of an organization to facilitate the distribution of personnel, materiel, service, information and capital flows.

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Our services

Express Delivery

When you ship with us – you’re shipping with specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services! With our wide range of express parcel and package services, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs

Parcel and eCommerce

Our Parcel and eCommerce provide standard domestic and international parcel pick-up, delivery and return solutions for business customers and consumers as well as e-commerce logistics and faciliation services.


Our provides dedicated & shared warehousing & distribution operations to ensure that you can deliver your service promise to your customers worldwide.



As the specialist for international postal solutions, we support you with your business mail, dialogue marketing campaigns and delivery of low-weight postal packets.


International shipping is the term used to describe a parcel delivery or group of parcel deliverie


A logistics partner big enough to deliver freight of any kind, to any place via air, ocean, road or rail.


Here’s the fastest way to check the status of your shipment. No need to call Customer Service – our online results give you real-time, detailed progress as your shipment speeds through the Our network.

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About Us

Fast ExpressWay Services is managed by high profile well known, elite and experienced personnel in the cargo and ship handling industry..

Every team member has experience in the industry of not less than six (6) years. Each of them is focused on enhancing our services in a particular discipline be it customer relations, official computerized data and operations to meet the dynamism in the cargo handling industry.